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Now more than ever, everyone has a role at Blue Gospel Scripts, both on and offscreen. As we pivot to a digital format for the time being, we invite you to step in to YOUR role in expanding BGS’ reach!

Did you know… Producing an online show is more expensive than producing a live show!

However, the reach has the potential to be exponentially greater. Your gift to Blue Gospel Scripts helps deepen its impact, expand its reach… and keep it alive!

Your gift to Blue Gospel Scripts will help ensure the continual production of Blue Gospel Scripts. It will help spread Joy, Peace, Love, Goodness, and Faith.

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Ways to Give

Monthly Donation

Monthly donations are a safe, secure, and convenient way to support BGS on a continuing basis. It's easy to set up monthly charges to your debit/credit card - and you can make updates online any time!

Check Donation

Please make checks payable to "More Than Music." You can drop them off at any episode or mail to: More Than Music
PO Box 630612
Littleton, CO 80163

Adopt An Episode

Be our angel! A one-time donation of $5000 sponsors what the "suggested donations" don't cover for each episode. It's the best way to help bring the Scriptures alive onstage!

Donation FAQs

Why Is Giving So Important?

BGS is only possible when each member of the community offers his or her best to the effort – each person contributes from their wealth of resources, whether they be creative, financial, or relational (connecting BGS to those who don’t yet know what God has done for them).  When offered with a posture of humility and gratitude, giving is transformative to the giver. Maya Angelou said “When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.”

Why Adopt a Show?

The “suggested donation” at registration is meant to cover only 50% of each Script’s production expenses. Individuals, families, or other sponsors who “adopt” the episode cover the remainder.

Your generosity sustains Blue Gospel Scripts and allows us to maximize each production.

Help us bring God’s Word to life – are you ready?

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COVID-19 update - Blue Gospel Scripts is committed both to combating Biblical illiteracy, and to the safety of its patrons. To that end, we'll be pivoting to a digital format until it's safe to gather again. Check your email for updates on upcoming YouTube premieres, and be safe!