The Gospels, Part 1 (pre-launch)

BGS Gospels Part 1

Last presented
12/8/18 – Byron Theatre, Robert & Judi Newman Center for the Performing Arts

“This fourfold portrait of the messianic person as presented by the genealogies is that of the Jewish God-Man King. Could the Messiah be anyone less?” – Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum

We begin our exploration of Jesus’ life through four different lenses: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. We’ll ultimately tell His story chronologically (as opposed to broken down by author) over the course of 10 Episodes. Episode 1 covers His miraculous birth up through John 3:16

FOUR WRITERS (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John)
with FOUR PERSPECTIVES (tax-collector, apprentice to disciple Peter, non-Jewish doctor , fisherman) wrote Jesus’ story for FOUR AUDIENCES (Jews, Romans, Greeks, early Christians).

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