Tad Lusk

Tad Lusk

Denver native Tad Lusk is one of Colorado’s most diverse and reliable guitarists, known for being able to handle virtually any style of music. With a penchant for creativity, improvisation, and an uncanny ear, Tad has recorded & performed with numerous artists and toured nationally and internationally. Tad has been performing, touring, and recording with More Than Music since 2013, including tours to Dubai in 2015 and India in 2016. He’s thrilled to have taken part in every pre-launch Blue Gospel Scripts event, coloring the sound with his tasteful blues scales and sensibilities. Tad also feels blessed to share his gifts playing guitar in worship services most weekends at area churches.

When not playing music, Tad is a licensed professional counselor (LPC) and works as a mental health therapist, helping young adults heal from trauma and overcome personal challenges to lead healthy, happy, empowered lives. He regularly writes blogs on mental health and wellness, and recently authored and published his first full-length eBook, The Stress Solution.

Tad loves to travel, is a voracious reader, and enjoys being outdoors, meditation and spiritual growth, concerts, exploring restaurants & breweries, and spending time with family and friends.

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