Phil Christian

Phil Christian

Phil Christian was born in the early 80s in the Pacific Northwest, making him an “old millennial” (whatever that means) who was drinking Starbucks before it was cool. Even as a child, Phil enjoyed the arts, especially singing and acting, so he spend most of his free time putting on one-man shows for the neighborhood kids while participating in the church choir. At first it was all fun and games (and lots of rehearsals), but then this fun hobby became a potential career choice after he placed in a national dramatics competition in high school. That is, until, God intervened with other plans…

Fast forward to graduating Bible college with degrees in music and theology (he’s also a classically-trained flautist!) and moving to Colorado as soon as college was over to serve the local church in the best city in America (that’s Denver, in case you were wondering)!  Here Phil met and married his wife, Tara, and soon after they had a son, Isaac.

Phil currently serves as the Family and Teaching Pastor at Mountainview Christian Church in Highlands Ranch. He’s a relatively new addition to the BGS family, having joined the organization in 2018. Phil’s favorite part of the Blue Gospel Scripts experiences are the amazing people he has the honor and privilege of working with… and the MUSIC, of course! He doesn’t have a favorite genre of music, but you’d most likely to hear jazz standards and acoustic guitar covers on his Spotify playlists.

You can find Phil on stage during the Blue Gospel Scripts in various roles, usually in ones involving him having to use his “low, authoritative voice”.

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