Katesha Campbell

Performer, Set Design
Katesha Campbell

Katesha’s love of music and singing has taken her all over the country and internationally spreading the Gospel.

As the Musical Director at her church, director of a choir within that church, and director of a group within that choir – plus a couple wonderful opportunities to jam with good friends around the city – music keeps her plenty busy and full of harmony!  She works and serves most often in her ministries of passion: Music, Women, Spiritual Wellness, and Creative Arts.  Acting and writing round out her resume.

Katesha worked as a Visual Merchandiser for over 17 years – most notably working, training, and setting new stores across the country for Pier One and Bass Pro Shops.  Both fed her love for visual aesthetics: amazing design and décor inside, and a new love for the beauty of the outdoors.  Her work as set designer for Blue Gospel Scripts began after observing scriptwriter Dave’s overzealous efforts to dress the stage with heavy objects and excessive props – “um, can I help?  I used to do this for a living… you could do this whole thing with paper.”  The rest is history.

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