Julie MacCluskey

On-screen Graphic Design, Performer
Visual Arts Specialist – More Than Music
Julie Headshot

An Albuquerque native and former flight attendant, Julie moved to Denver because she met her Denver-native husband Joel on eHarmony.

In addition to singing, Julie’s an active piano teacher who’s found immense joy in pouring into the lives of hundreds of young students over the years, and is also loving learning to code websites! She helped found and launch MTM in 2009, actively performs with “At the Table with Dr. King,” and has been privileged to minister in Russia, Costa Rica, Thailand, India, and Dubai. She and husband Joel have been responsible for MTM’s logos and other visuals since basically the beginning, and Julie has recently joined MTM’s staff; part of her responsibilities include managing all on-screen content for Blue Gospel Scripts and At the Table with Dr. King. Julie’s musical theater and dinner theater experience in Albuquerque have honed her stagecraft and ability to both perform theatrically and enhance the overall audience experience.

In addition, her subtle humor and soulful singing voice are invaluable to BGS.

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