George Dougherty

Sound Engineer
George Dougherty

George is a meticulous sound engineer who’s searched the world for the perfect sound. While he’s heard many wonderful things, he still hasn’t found what he’s looking for. In the meantime, he and his wife have three children, and he’s an IT Manager (Technizent IT Management) and sound engineer for his church and many local musical outreaches.

He has also visited Russia, India, Dubai, and Israel (so far) in his capacity as lead audio technician for More Than Music, Inc. After years of crafting the soundscape for “At the Table with Dr. King” (MTM’s multimedia school assembly program), and earning his superhero nickname “The Fuse” by solving a seemingly insurmountable problem just before a concert (by replacing a fuse), George was primed and ready to take on the colossus of 52 separate episodes of Blue Gospel Scripts:4 different venues by September, different performer configurations and music each time, curveballs like needing to put performers on 2 different stories and speakers on a 3rd… None of this fazes The Fuse!

Songs from Previous Shows

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