Paul – The Shipwreck – UPDATE!

Saturday, April 9, 2022 (7pm – 8pm MT)
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“Like a shipwreck, anything that forms a structure in the ocean, over time, collects life.” – Sylvia Earle, National Geographic Explorer-In-Residence

When last we heard from Paul, he stood before Jewish and Roman authorities in Israel and demanded to be judged by Caesar – in Rome. He set off in chains, headed toward a shipwreck.

Discover Paul’s instructions to his friend Titus, on Crete. Why is the spirit of the Law important? Why do people hate the Gospel? And why does he talk so much about self-control?

Then put yourself in Paul’s sandals: you’re chained up, under constant guard, sailing for Rome. You’re the most experienced sailor on board, so you know sailing the Mediterranean in late fall equals a shipwreck. But your companions won’t listen. Have you ever experienced the kind of peace that motivated him to eat – to take Communion – during the storm?

Paul did… and you can too. God is sovereign. Jesus is alive and well. We are free to believe.

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