King Saul – The Meltdown

Premiered on Saturday, September 5, 2020 (7pm – 8pm MST)

New insights abound in this captivating deep dive into Israel’s troubling tribe of Benjamin. Prepare yourself for a breakthrough in your understanding of spiritual battlegrounds.

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About this Episode :

“Every time we stick a shovel in the ground here, the Bible is proven true.” – Dan Mossek, Israeli Tour Guide

Let’s talk about spiritual battlegrounds. We’ll dust off the sometimes-avoided ending of the Book of Judges and consider what pulled the Tribe of Benjamin back from the brink of extinction. Then, meet Israel’s first king (Saul) as he’s dragged from the shadows into this script.

With a compelling slate of original songs, “The Meltdown” takes us on an unforgettable (and in some ways unprecedented) artistic journey into Biblical history with far-reaching implications. Follow the compelling pattern: over and over, Judah saves Benjamin.

On the day David the shepherd/musician fought Goliath the warrior/giant, was the enemy on the battlefield or on the sidelines? Come test yourself and find out.

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