Christians – The First Responders

Premiered on Saturday, June 26, 2021 (7pm – 8pm MT)

Baptism… receiving the Holy Spirit… healing the sick, raising the dead… a sorcerer and a eunuch… and a reformed villain. This episode has it all, and makes us ask: what makes someone a Christian?

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About this Episode :

“Of course reasoning is important – but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know facts as well.” Stephanie Weisman, Author: The Secrets of Top Students

Let’s talk about miracles. The early apostles’ lives blazed with the power of the Holy Spirit, as the sick became well, a young woman died and was raised to life, and one of the Apostles even vanished and reappeared elsewhere. But seeing isn’t always believing, or believing properly, as Simon the Sorcerer learned.

“Christians – The First Responders” looks at the Big Questions of spiritual formation in the 1st-century church: baptism, Holy Spirit indwelling, and the difference between awe and saving faith. It’s all put to the test when the day’s Biggest Baddest Villain professes to have a dramatic conversion experience and travels to Jerusalem to meet the Apostles.

It’s in this context that the Gospel message left Jerusalem, reaching all the way to us today, and where believers in Jesus received the first new name: Christians.

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