All The Songs from the Pilot Season!

35 songs from the Pilot Season of Blue Gospel Scripts – that’s all the songs except those only available via RSVP!  4 songs from “Book of Lamentations” and 5 from all the others!
Update: due to the overwhelming cost of sync licensing, we regret we are no longer able to include the songs from the Book of Genesis except “You’d Have Us Believe,” (which is a Dave original).


Album Liner Notes

  • 1. He’s In Control (no longer included due to prohibitively expensive sync licensing)
  • 2. You’d Have Us Believe
  • 3. Call on the Name of the Lord (no longer included due to prohibitively expensive sync licensing)
  • 4. God Tryin’ to Get Your Attention (no longer included due to prohibitively expensive sync licensing)
  • 5. My Ransom (no longer included due to prohibitively expensive sync licensing)
  • 6. He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands (exclusive via RSVP; not included)
  • 1. We Don’t Want to Know
  • 2. Theocracy
  • 3. God in a Box
  • 4. Not Everyone
  • 5. Meltdown
  • 6. Sheep, Don’t’cha Know the Road? (exclusive via RSVP; not included)

Paul – The Gospel in Greece

  • 1. Livin’ He Loved Me
  • 2. Known (exclusive via RSVP; not included)
  • 3. Woke Up This Morning with My Mind on Jesus
  • 4. That’s Enough
  • 5. Jesus is a Rock
  • 6. A Better Song

Jesus – The Empty Tomb

  • 1. Funeral Blues
  • 2. Mark This Day (exclusive via RSVP; not included)
  • 3. Shook
  • 4. If You Must
  • 5. Let Us See Jesus
  • 6. Hallelujah!

Paul – The Shipwreck

  • 1. Lord Will Make A Way Somehow
  • 2. Run Aground (exclusive via RSVP; not included)
  • 3. What’s Good?
  • 4. There Is A Line
  • 5. I Went Down to the Water
  • 6. God, Make Something Beautiful

John – The Revelation Churches

  • 1. The Glassy Sea (exclusive via RSVP; not included)
  • 2. Back II Eden
  • 3. Don’t Learn My Name
  • 4. When I Can Read My Title Clear
  • 5. My Father and His Angels
  • 6. Glory Glory

Jesus: The Newborn King

  • 1. Magnificat
  • 2. Highly Favored
  • 3. Sleep Little King
  • 4. A Word to the Wise (exclusive via RSVP; not included)
  • 5. The Light
  • 6. Come Nigh

Book of Lamentations

  • 1. Widowed Queen (exclusive via RSVP; not included)
  • 2. Mourn
  • 3. Laughingstock
  • 4. They Won’t Believe Their Eyes
  • 5. Fatherless

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