Paul & Timothy – The Ephesus Problem

Premiered on Saturday, December 11, 2021 (7pm – 8pm MT)

What would you say to someone you loved if you knew you’d never see them again? And how would you instruct them if they blew it after you left? Paul sent someone he trusted with instructions… words still eerily relevant today!

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About this Episode :

Tell me and I forget.  Teach me and I remember.  Involve me and I learn.”   Benjamin Franklin

Rioting… uproar… commotion… once again, a mob ran Paul out of town.  After two years in Ephesus, he said a powerful good-bye to the church elders.  What would you say to someone if you knew it was the last time you’d see them?  Paul didn’t waste a syllable!  (We imagine tears too).

Why’d he leave?  He was in a hurry to get to Jerusalem because the Spirit told him to go – and even though the Spirit also kept warning him of jail and other trouble once he got there.  (Spoiler alert: the Spirit was right!  Stay tuned for “Trials of Hope” and “Shipwreck”)

But Ephesus had Problems – enough to make him send Timothy there with power, influence, and instructions: two letters we now know as 1st & 2nd Timothy.  Paul hit the hard subjects: slavery, welfare, and women in the church.  But he also encouraged them, called his friends by name, and urged Timothy to fight for truth in the Ephesian church… a call we must still answer today!

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