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Coming Up: Leviticus & Numbers: For the Common Good
October 26, 2019 @The Rock Community Church

Scripture Soulfully Staged

BGS Five Star Review

Amazing, story of the Bible in a truly unique way! I’ll be reading the Bible with a new outlook and humming 🎶You Can’t Hurry God🎶. Everyone should see this and bring friends-call it a Bible study-and enjoy! 

Review profile Bill Baird

Bill Baird
(Audience, September 2018)

BGS Five Star Review

Who knew that the Good News from old could be presented in such a freshly powerful, contemporary way?!

Thank you!

Review Profile Debra

Debra Greenwood
(Audience, December 2018)

BGS Five Star Review

I was there for Genesis Part I and Genesis Part II. It was so moving. I couldn’t explain why I felt like crying. It was good! Can’t wait for Exodus. Come be with us. Unique experience hearing the scriptures in a new way.

Linda Evans Johnson
(Audience, August 2019)

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