Leviticus & Numbers: For the Common Good

The Scripture about law and order. Also a talking donkey!
Last performed on October 26, 2019
“Choose your pain – the pain of discipline or the pain of regret.”
– Anonymous on Pinterest

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17th century British Philosopher John Locke said, “The purpose of law is not to abolish or restrain, but to preserve and enlarge freedom.”

Increase your understanding of one of mankind’s first law-abiding communities and compare their best practices to those of your modern government.

Freedom isn’t a new or unique idea – it’s been God’s desire for His creation since the beginning. Simply put, the Book of Leviticus demonstrates that the most disciplined person, community, or nation is the most free. The health and freedom of the ancient Hebrews rose and fell in direct proportion to the discipline of their first priests (tasked with administering the Law).

They say there’s safety in numbers. The Book of Numbers introduces one of mankind’s oldest organized armies, tasked with keeping the Israelites safe. We invite you into Israel’s journey toward a place of freedom and security.

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These links don’t represent the official position of Denver Seminary; rather, they’re meant to encourage individuals in their “freedom to think within the bounds laid down in Scripture” (Dr. Vernon Grounds of Denver Seminary, 1965)

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