Special Episode: Book of Lamentations

2600 years ago, tradition says the prophet Jeremiah wrote Lamentations during and after the siege of Jerusalem, while witnessing emptiness on its once-crowded streets. Lament and hope with us during a Blue Gospel Scripts version of his words.
Last performed on June 6, 2020
“Though The Lord brings grief, He will show compassion, so great is His unfailing love.”
– Lamentations 3:32

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Had the prophet Jeremiah written his Lamentations in our day, he would’ve recruited a band from Beale Street in Memphis and sung the blues. In early March, we visited “The Home of the Blues” to record 5 songs, each one addressing one of the 5 chapters of Jeremiah’s Book of Lamentations.

Join us for a Blue Gospel Scripts Special Episode on June 6 at 7pm – the online premiere of our Book of Lamentations. We’re excited to share 5 soul-stirring songs by Dave LeMieux, take a closer look at Memphis, its troubled history, and its legendary recording scene, and embrace and express the grief of our current global challenges.

As Jeremiah and his contemporaries learned, sometimes recovery is slow-cooked over low heat, giving us plenty of time to pray – to reflect or repent – to see and to sing about what we’ve lost – and to celebrate what’s beginning.

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