Kings & Prophets, Part 2: Killing the Lord’s Anointed

The Scripture about King David’s taking over Israel.
Last performed on February 29, 2020
“…the arrogance of the idealist who doesn’t realize how easily he can be fooled.”
– Frank O’Connor

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Take a giant step past “David and Goliath” into a fresh perspective on David’s flight from King Saul and eventual ascension to the throne of Israel as its second king.

Meet the psalmist/soon-to-be king on the cliffs of En Gedi where he says, “the birds of the sky nest by the waters; they sing among the branches.”

As the balance of power in ancient Israel shifts from Benjamin to Judah, discover shifty characters like Joab playing all sides.  And enter the Cave of Adullam, where mighty soldiers defected from Saul’s army to David’s.  See things come full circle in an unforgettable way for Saul as he dies and is buried under a tamarisk tree.

As a bonus, take a fascinating video journey through modern Hebron – site of David’s ancient coronation, and of today’s Palestinian/Israeli contested space known as H1 and H2.

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