Kings & Prophets, Part 1: All About the Benjamins

The Scripture about Israel’s first king, Saul. Strange dude.
Last performed on February 8, 2020
“Every time we stick a shovel in the ground here, the Bible is proven true.”
– Dan Mossek, Israeli Tour Guide

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New insights abound in this captivating deep dive into Israel’s troubling tribe of Benjamin. Prepare yourself for a breakthrough in your understanding of spiritual battlegrounds.

Watch out for the sometimes-avoided final three chapters of the Book of Judges and beware Benjamin’s bounce back from the brink of extinction.

With a compelling slate of original songs and radio classics like “When I Ruled the World,” Kings & Prophets, Part 1 takes us on an unforgettable (and in some ways unprecedented) artistic journey into Biblical history with far-reaching implications. Meet Israel’s first king (Saul) as he’s dragged from the shadows into this script.

On the day David the shepherd/musician fought Goliath the warrior/giant, was the enemy on the battlefield or on the sidelines? Come test yourself and find out.

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