Kings & Prophets, Part 1:
All About the Benjamins

The Scripture about Israel’s first king, Saul. Strange dude.

February 8, 2020 | 5pm
Highline Community Church


“Every time we stick a shovel in the ground here, the Bible is proven true.” – Dan Mossek, Israeli tour guide

New insights abound in this captivating deep dive into Israel’s troubling tribe of Benjamin. Prepare yourself for a breakthrough in your understanding of spiritual battlegrounds.

Watch out for the sometimes-avoided final three chapters of the Book of Judges and beware Benjamin’s bounce back from the brink of extinction.

With a compelling slate of original songs and radio classics like “Blinded by the Light” and “When I Ruled the World,” Kings & Prophets, Part 1 takes us on an unforgettable (and in some ways unprecedented) artistic journey into Biblical history with far-reaching implications. Meet Israel’s first king (Saul) as he’s dragged from the shadows into this script.

On the day David the shepherd/musician fought Goliath the warrior/giant, was the enemy on the battlefield or on the sidelines? Come test yourself and find out.


  • A multimedia stage production, about 90 minutes long
  • No traditional sermon – tons of Biblical content
  • Excellence in performance from musicians and speakers
  • “Blue Gospel” songs which enhance the story and sometimes alter perspective through exposition
  • Video of pertinent Biblical locations and on-screen interviews with Israeli tour guides and other relevant experts
  • Monologues with heart, depth, and humor
  • To leave with a fresher understanding of God’s actions throughout history and the timeless, urgent implications of the Good News.
  • Blue Gospel Scripts is best suited for middle school through early retirement. We especially encourage young adults (25 & under) to attend!
  • “America can be proud of many things: our innovation, generosity, and entrepreneurial spirit are unsurpassed. Yet when it comes to our nation understanding one of the greatest gifts ever given to humanity – the Bible – we are moving from dumb to dumber… and it’s no laughing matter.” – Ed Stetzer
  • “[We] revere the Bible – but, by and large, [we] don’t read it. And because [we] don’t read it, [we] have become a nation of Biblical illiterates.”– Gallup & Castelli
  • There are 52 episodes. Presenting one every 3 weeks will take us through the entire Bible in 3 years (the amount of time Paul spent in the desert preparing for ministry, and the amount of time Jesus spent in active public ministry).
  • We need to present each episode once before we can move to Phase 2… every 3 weeks helps us get there faster (every month would take 4 years).
  • We think it’s a good amount of time to chew on the huge amount of Scripture in each Script and not be overwhelmed but be able to remember the thread from one Script to the next.
  • For now, we’re putting up clips of each performance the Monday after the show in the “Previous Episodes” section – click here.
  • After we complete the first cycle (in July 2022), we’ll start again, but this time, film the live performance of each Script.
  • Click here to watch a 20-minute sample of how the final finished video library might look (with post-production graphics to add key elements from the screen)

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Please Note: We kindly ask you to make a donation when you RSVP. A portion of your donation will sponsor students of New Life School in India (children of the Durgapur brothel).

Date & Time

February 8, 2020



5:00 – 6:30 PM


Highline Community Church

  • Recommended 10+
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