Judges & Ruth: And Chaos Ensued

The Scripture where everyone did as they saw fit. Yikes.
Last performed on December 28, 2019
“It’s so much darker when a light goes out than it would’ve been had it never shone.”
– John Steinbeck

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Compare shockingly influential Canaanite gods with the too-easily-discarded God of Abraham, Isaac, and Israel. The Israelites proved how easily they could anger God by misplacing their worship.

The Book of Judges invites us into a series of cautionary tales; some simple like Jephthah and his daughter, and some unique in their complexity like Samson and his strength.

Discover the real secret of Samson’s strength (it wasn’t just the hair, was it?), and connect with his story from the formidable Nazirite vow his parents made before his birth to his very public end. Samson’s death is one of the best case studies of how God administers justice on earth even in spite of the judge. Get ready to see it in a new light.

And we guarantee you’ll love the Book of Ruth once you’ve dived in to the backstory of a time in Israel’s history like no other: no king or prime minister, not many abiding by the safety of the Law of Moses… except Boaz and Ruth, great-grandparents of king David.

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