Esther, Mordecai, and Xerxes: God Behind the Scenes

Increase your understanding of Mordecai, one of the most powerful men in ancient history, and how his famous words to Esther, “for such a time as this,” may not mean what you think.
Saturday, April 1, 2020
5pm – 7pm MST
Highline Community Church
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Highline Community Church

6160 S Wabash Way,
Greenwood Village, CO 80111

Ages: 10+

Blue Gospel Scripts is a nonprofit community of musicians & actors committed to staging the entirety of Scripture by combining blues/Gospel music, spoken word, and videos from Biblical sites. Donations help cover our production costs, and a portion of each donation helps sponsor students at New Life School in India (children of the Durgapur brothel).

"I am a poor wayfaring stranger, journeying through this world of woe. And there’s no sickness, toil, or danger in that bright land where I’ll go."

– American Spiritual

King Xerxes, the Persian ruler of 127 provinces ranging from Ethiopia to the Middle East and India, had a powerful right-hand man – a Jew from the tribe of Benjamin named Mordecai… who raised Esther… who became Xerxes’ wife and Queen of Persia. The events leading up to and during Esther’s reign are … genuinely bizarre.

Share the unforgettable story of Esther through the eyes of a host of characters, including Ezra and Haggai the Prophets, Mordecai the Benjamite, and Haman the Amalekite.

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