Book of Job: The Trouble I’ve Seen

The scripture where satan learns his limitations on earth.
Last performed on January 18, 2020
“Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree.”
– Martin Luther

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God said “Have you considered my servant, Job?” Satan not only “considered” Job, he confounded him with a powerful and shadowy assault – for which Job blamed God.

It’s amazing how a righteous man like Job never once considered his assailant might be someone other than God. As far as we know, he never discovered the truth.

We guarantee you’ll gain a new appreciation for the ongoing struggle between mankind and God’s fallen angel who still roams the earth because he didn’t value his proper position in the heavenly realm. Learn how to spot satan at work (though he’d prefer to keep his methods a secret). We have something of value Job didn’t have – The Book of Job.

Because we have The Book of Job, we can save ourselves considerable confusion when we feel we’re being attacked. No longer should mankind default to blaming God for everything. In the same way satan “considered” Job, surely he has reason to “consider” others.

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