Book of Exodus: Like Manna from Heaven

The Scripture about Hebrews migrating north from Egypt to the desert.
Last performed on September 14, 2019
“God is not evenhanded. God is biased in favor of the downtrodden up to His eyebrows.”
– Desmond Tutu

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Results oriented? Compare Moses’ end results with Pharaoh’s and see which serves you better, humility or pride.

Save your seat for a compelling new telling of beloved stories including Crossing the Red Sea, Seeing the Burning Bush, and Receiving the Ten Commandments. Holy Cow!

Today, with so many people emigrating from their countries of origin; (Syrians to Jordan, Israel, and Turkey – South Americans to North America) this is our opportunity to learn free lessons from an ancient, meticulously recorded mass exodus and apply our new knowledge to the here and now. Whether you’re an immigrant or native, you’ll feel at home in this episode.

Discover easier paths through the difficulties of the desert. Learn the secret to avoiding stubbornness like the plague. And see how ancient Israel learned that if freedom is the desired result, simple surrender to God is best.

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