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"Blue Gospel Scripts has the potential to bring us into an experience of what God wants us to know about Him."

Dr. Mark Young

Last performed on August 3, 2019
at Newman Center for Performing Arts (Gates Concert Hall)

Beyond the obvious questions (Was there really an Eden or worldwide flood? How do we reconcile evil with a loving God?), Genesis Part 1 invites us to examine cause and effect: “reaping and sowing” as they inform our everyday lives.

Last performed on August 24, 2019
at Newman Center for the Performing Arts

Ishmael – left alone in the desert. Jacob – wrestled all night with God. Tamar – falsely accused and sentenced to death. Joseph – sold into bondage by his brothers. Are you a survivor? Come hear these and other stories of redemption.

Last performed on September 14, 2019
at The Rock Community Church

From the fertile soil and quiet streets of Goshen (upper Nile Delta, Egypt), the Hebrews abandoned their homes and began their trek through the Sinai Peninsula – the desert. Going through a wilderness experience? Come learn of God’s provision.

Last performed on October 26, 2019
at The Rock Community Church

Far beyond the ancient priesthood and the census, this not-to-be-missed episode highlights the power of habit, the Year of Jubilee, the literal scapegoat, and the original talking donkey (with apologies to Eddie Murphy). Come. It’s uncommonly good.

Last performed on November 16, 2019
at The Rock Community Church

The Bible says its proverbs are for gaining wisdom – for understanding parables, the scripts and riddles of the wise. If the Law is a guardrail around common pitfalls, proverbs are paths leading toward clarity, security, and prosperity.

Last performed on December 7, 2019
at The Rock Community Church

Gaza, the Golan Heights, Hebron (now “H1” & “H2” split between Israeli and Palestinian control), and the West Bank: these areas ripped from today’s headlines all figured prominently in the book of Joshua. I know, right?

Last performed on December 28, 2019
at Highline Community Church

Othniel the first, Ehud the lefty, Gideon the fleece-watcher, Jephthah the impetuous, and Samson the fatally-flawed Nazirite: all leaders of the Hebrews before their first king. Meanwhile, Ruth and Boaz fell in love in Bethlehem.

Last performed on January 18, 2020
at The Highline Community Church

Job lived to be an old man – prosperous, patient, and at peace. But first, he suffered the loss of ten children and all his wealth. Restoration is nowhere more dramatically portrayed than in Job’s life.

Last performed on February 8, 2020
at Highline Community Church

Jacob said of his youngest son: “Benjamin is a ravenous wolf; in the morning he devours the prey, in the evening he divides the plunder.” Come see the scandalous transition from judges to kings in Benjamite-led Ancient Israel.

Last performed on February 29, 2020
at Highline Community Church

Saul, having amassed an army of mighty men from Israel and neighboring nations, lost his army and his kingdom to David. While his parents harbored in Moab, David’s new army crowned him king of a united Israel in Hebron.

Last performed on June 6, 2020
at Online Premiere

2600 years ago, tradition says the prophet Jeremiah wrote Lamentations during and after the siege of Jerusalem, while witnessing emptiness on its once-crowded streets. Lament and hope with us during a Blue Gospel Scripts version of his words.

Last performed on July 25, 2020
at YouTube Premiere

Adam and Eve – Cain and Abel – Noah and Abraham – Ishmael and Isaac – Arabs and Jews… rediscover their stories (our history) in the Book of Genesis.

Last performed on September 5, 2020
at YouTube Premiere

New insights abound in this captivating deep dive into Israel’s troubling tribe of Benjamin. Prepare yourself for a breakthrough in your understanding of spiritual battlegrounds.

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