David – Promises, Part 2

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9/5/18 – Denver United Church

“To see what there was about King David that made Israel adore him like no other king it ever had, as good a place to look as any is the account of how he captured Jerusalem and brought in the ark. Jerusalem was a major plum for the new young king, a hill town considered so untakeable that the inhabitants had a saying to the effect that a blind man and a cripple could hold it against the U.S. Marines (2 Samuel 5:6)” – Frederick Buechner

The brightest light casts the deepest shadow. The Book of 2nd Samuel starts with David standing squarely in the shadow of death – the death of his best friend Jonathan, a bright light, and the death of Jonathan’s father, David’s own father-in-law, King Saul.

We continued exploring now-King David’s remarkable life through the lens of Promises: those made by him, those made to him, one made by God, those made by his foremothers, and even one broken by his predecessor which rather complicated his life.

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